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Bile products  Other Opothrrapics
Ox Bile Extract NF

Ox Bile Powder

Chondroitin Sulfate


Intrinsic Factor

Liver Extracts
Liver Concentrate Paste NF

Liver Fraction I Paste

Hydrolyzed Liver Powder

Granular Liver Undefatted

Defatted Liver Granular

Liver Concentrate Powder NF

Liver Fraction II Powder

Desiccatted Liver Powder Undefatted

Defatted and Desiccated Liver Powder

Liver Extract, highly purify (vit B12 600mcg/g)

Desiccated Glands
Orchid powder

Placenta powder

Thyroid powder

Spleen powder

Whole Pituitary Powder

Ovary powder

Suprarenal powder

Prostate powder

Brain powder

Pituitary Anterior lobe

Pineal powder

Thymus powder

Lung powder

Uterus powder

Pituitary Posterior lobe


Address: Bragado 6156/58 City: Buenos Aires C. P.: 1440
Country: Argentina Phone: 4686 2711 2712 Fax: 4686 2613 2715

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